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9/24/14 – 11/30/14

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday @ 7:30pm
Sunday @ 2pm

70 mins, no intermission. Followed by Q&A with Billy Hayes.

An epic journey of self-discovery. Written and performed by the man who lived it.

Hayes was arrested at the Istanbul airport in 1970 with two kilos of hashish taped to his body. The Turkish High Court sentenced him to life in prison. Five years later, Billy escaped from Imrali Island prison in the dead of night - rowing 17 miles across the open sea in a raging storm.

"Sensational...Intrinsic power...engrossing" - The New York Times
"Hayes is a master storyteller" - Times Square Chronicles



Baby Wants Candy
11/7/14 & 11/8/14

Friday & Saturday @ 10:00pm
60 mins, no intermission.

"Critics' Pick! Truly Amazing!- The NY TIMES

BABY WANTS CANDY has performed over 2,000 completely improvised musicals to thousands of fans from New York to Singapore to Scotland.
The production has just returned from its eighth smash hit engagement at Assembly, Edinburgh Fringe Festival and in the West End at the Leicester Square Theatre.

BABY WANTS CANDY begins with the cast asking the audience for a suggestion of a musical that has never been performed before.

Accompanied by a full band, the first title that the group hears becomes the title and theme for that evening’s 60-minute show. Each performance is its own opening and closing night, and by design every show is completely unique and a once–in a lifetime premiere. Start thinking of your title now!

Photo: Emily Raw



Pool (no water)
10/21/14 – 11/24/14

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday @ 7:30pm
Saturday @ 2:30pm

60 mins, no intermission

pool (no water) is what happens when you mix creativity, camaraderie, and art with the kind of envy that rarely sees the light of day... 

But seriously, what’s a little jealousy between friends?

pool (no water) is a visceral play about the fragility of friendship and the jealousy inspired by success. A famous artist invites old friends to her new home for a long awaited reunion. But the celebration comes to an abrupt end when the host suffers a horrific accident. An almost unthinkable plan starts to take shape: could her suffering be the group’s next work of art?

"Full of perceptive commentary on the tension between affection and antipathy among friends — and the interior tensions in the individual soul between self-love and self-hate."
- Charles Isherwood, The New York Times

"In 60 minutes of shadow-cut theatrical witchcraft, Demos and her superb cast make Ravenhill's vinegary misanthropy dance, literally and figuratively."
-Scott Brown, NY Magazine

"Three cheers for the small but ambitious One Year Lease Theater Company for bringing this terrific 2006 play to local shores, in a vividly acted production. . ."
- Charles Isherwood, The New York Times



11/28/14 – 1/4/15

Monday & Tuesday @ 7:30pm
Saturday @ 2:30pm & 10pm
Sunday @ 5pm

55 mins, no intermission

Using shadow puppets made from bits of rubbish, Jeff Achtem presents a gurgling adventure about life in a swamp, with an eye-popping 3D shadow puppet finale. Swamp Juice is a playful and immersive experience, for all ages. Watch out for the jellyfish!

"Wonderfully enchanting, an absolute delight!...breathtaking moments!" - London Evening Standard


Barrow Street Theatre is equipped with infrared assistive listening system. Headsets and neck loops are available at our bar/coat check.