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Work in Progress - Robert Townsend

Sept 22-24, 2016


Living the Shuffle is the amazing journey of actor, writer, director, and filmmaker, Robert Townsend. Townsend, a natural born storyteller, takes you on a show biz rollercoaster ride of ups and downs from the dangerous streets of Chicago, to performing Julius Caesar at a pimp convention in New York City. He also takes you behind the scenes of giving birth to his first film “Hollywood Shuffle” done with a miracle and a credit card. Townsend gives you a front row seat sharing life lessons he has learned along the way. 

This work in progress of Townsend’s one-man show returns Townsend to his roots in the theater where he showcases his uncanny ability to do impressions and perform a cast of characters like you’ve never seen before. This edgy, raw and funny show will inspire and give hope to the dreamer in anyone.