des bishop2


October 7-10, 2010


Presented by Marshall Cordell & Barrow Street Theatre

Written & Performed by Des Bishop

After storming the Edinburgh festival Des Bishop returns to NY for a limited run with a deeply personal tale of his father who has been diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. Inspired by his father’s illness, the impact it has had on his family and their sense of humor in dealing with it, Des’s latest internationally acclaimed stand up show ‘My Dad was Nearly James Bond’ tells of a remarkable life tinged with regret. As near the knuckle hilarious as it is life-affirming. 

Before I was born, my father had another life. As a boy I thought it was the coolest thing ever that my father was a model and appeared as a blind pilot in Day of the Triffids and had one line in Zulu. His biggest claim was that he was very close to getting the role of James Bond. George Lazenby got the part, and we never watched James Bond in our house as it reminded my father of his regrets about the career he left behind to raise a family. But in all the scrapes Bond got through, he never had to raise a family and there is no gadget that Q could ever have created to help with that.

Undoubtedly one of the most captivating and thought provoking comedy forces on the international circuit, Des delivers an extensive collection of hilariously funny, yet thoroughly stimulating material in his latest show. ‘My Dad Was Nearly James Bond’ champions the real heroics of fatherhood by challenging common regrets and the ridiculous ideals of manhood that real, un-slick men try to live up to. The innate inspiration and dexterity behind this show guarantees an unforgettable and touching comedy experience.