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March 28 - May 26, 2008

"Amazingly, this doesn’t parody the original show but offers a replica sample from a vintage pop culture, with the host and guests formally dressed as though for church. The show provides a window onto the decorum and spontaneous, champagne wit of a bygone era. Van Straaten has been doing this kind of game-show hosting on the comedy circuit for years now, and through those years I’ve been blasting theater that tries to ape TV. This is one example, however, where I have to eat my words... GO... Take your out-of-town guests"
- LA Weekly


Introduced by Van Straaten Entertainment, Inc.
Directed by Jim Newman
Hosted by J. Keith Van Straaten
Hostess:  Patti Goettlicher
Production Stage Manager:  Melissa Jernigan

House Band:  Shane Rettig & The Occupations
Shane Rettig – Keyboards
E.J. Fry – Drums
Ed Rosenberger – Saxophone
Geoff Zink – Bass

Main Theme & Incidental Music composed by Adam Chester
Sponsored by 3D Retro & LiveFeed Video Imaging

Guests Included: Edward Albee (Mystery Guest, 05/26/2008), Sheri Albert, Julie Alexandria, The Amazing Kreskin (Mystery Guest, 05/19/2008), Jonathan Ames, Doug Benson, Dr. Joy Browne, Dick Cavett (Mystery Guest, 04/14/2008), David Cross (Mystery Guest, 04/21/2008), Stephanie D’Ambruzzo, Frank DeCaro, Paul Doherty, Ophira Eisenberg, Jarrod Emick, Adam Ferrara, Kitty Felde, Joe Franklin (Mystery Guest, 04/05/2008), Robert Galinsky, Julie Halston, Jackie Hoffman, Laurie Kilmartin, Jason Kravits, Lisa Lambert, James McDaniel, Julia Meade, Moby (Mystery Guest, 03/31/2008), Suzy Nakamura, John Oliver, Betsy Palmer (Mystery Guest, 05/12/2008), Austin Pendleton, Michael Riedel, Tony Roberts (Mystery Guest, 04/07/2008), Andrea Rosen, Barry Saltzman, Tom Shillue, Raven Snook, Nick Stevens, Mink Stole, Larry Storch (Mystery Guest, 04/28/2008), Cynthia Szigeti, Len Wein, George Wendt (Mystery Guest, 03/24/2008), Andy Zax, Josh Zepps

The Classic TV Game Show without the TV.

Fresh from its hit run in Los Angeles, What’s My Line? – Live On Stage follows the classic TV game show that ran for over 25 years. Four celebrity panelists try to deduce the occupation of a guest, asking only yes-or-no questions. This unscripted show features real people with real jobs and real celebrity “Mystery Guests”. Hosted by J. Keith van Straaten with live music and plenty of surprises, you’ll never know who you’ll see in this spontaneous live staging of a game show classic.



"Wry, unexpected and hilarious."
- Time Out NY

"Just tremendous! Not only is it like the original [TV show, and] it evokes that spirit, but it's gone beyond. It's today, it's now, it's a whole lot of fun. ... A very entertaining evening."
- WCBS-AM 4/4/08

"An unforced good time... an agreeable, often surprising evening of sophisticated silliness... a refreshing blast from a more genteel past. It is an idea whose time, strangely enough, has come."
- Backstage.com

"Wildly Successful! New Yorkers know a good thing (and sophisticated wit) when they see it. Bravo! "
- PaperMag.com

"A fabulous evening just for what it is, and that’s to say nothing of a boring old Monday night... Everything is unscripted and hilarity usually ensues."
- ShowBusinessWeekly.com

"…Witty... Charming... Stays true to its TV show roots...stemming from nostalgia for a time when reality show contestants didn't have to eat squid guts to impress us. "
- L.A Times